Distressed IOD 12x12 Decor Stamp Iron Orchid Designs Vintage Faux Fini – The Vin Cycle
Distressed IOD 12x12 Decor Stamp Iron Orchid Designs  Vintage Faux Finish

Distressed IOD 12x12 Decor Stamp Iron Orchid Designs Vintage Faux Finish

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Create a distressed, vintage, and worn  affect without sanding with IOD's Distressed Stap.

Elevate your home decor with Iron Orchid Designs (IOD) Stamps! These versatile 12x12 inch stamps come on a convenient backer sheet and are perfect for a wide range of projects, from furniture to small decor pieces, and even fabrics. Each set includes Stamp Masks*,allowing you to layer images to create depth, dimension, and stunning groupings. Whether you're crafting beautiful typography art, intricate floral patterns, charming animal and insect designs, or adding unique backgrounds and textures, these stamps have you covered.

IOD Stamps are flexible, making them perfect for wrapping around objects such as jars, crocks, lamps, and more. For even easier handling and positioning, use the IOD Thin Mount. Simply press (or mount) the stamp onto the Thin Mount, which features grid lines to help with precise placement, and you'll have a handy carrier sheet that makes it a breeze to hold and position the stamp exactly where you want it.

But the creativity doesn’t stop there! Our IOD Stamps are food-safe and can be used with edible gel paste to create beautifully decorated cookies. Or, use them with embossing medium to craft one-of-a-kind dishware (just remember, these pieces are not dishwasher safe).

For even more fun, try using DIY Paint to create texture. Simply allow the paint to partially dry, then press the stamp into it for an amazing textured effect. And don't miss out on our IOD Air Dry Clay, perfect for rolling out and stamping to make gorgeous clay accents.

With countless creative possibilities, Iron Orchid Designs Stamps bring joy and inspiration to every project. Shop now and let your imagination run wild! This stamp does not include a mask.

*When IOD first began designing their Stamps, they did not have Stamp Masks. Therefore, they are not included with some of the earlier designs.  Masks can be purchased separately for some of these designs. Please read product descriptions.